How to Make Money from Hollywood Wear

Have you been watching a James Bond movie and thought to yourself i want that tux ? Have you been watching a music video on MTV and thought to yourself i want that celebrity gowns, would be great for a night out.

Well, here's the chance to solve this problem, just imagine how many people out there would love to wear the same clothes as their favorite celebrity. I have done some extensive research, and have found that there is hardly any in the whole of the internet that sells
clothing from movies that the celebrity wear, or even give links to the sites that do sell them for a small affiliate income. A site that comes close to this is Celebrity EyeWear which carries an assortment of sunglasses.

To expand this further, if there is a website on "Hollywood Wear", then I think movie fans could drop by such a site for their favorite celebrity clothing.

It's wanted but it just isn't given. I'm also thinking about massive databases, music video databases where you can choose
clothing from movie video while watching it. For example, i was watching MTV Dance with my mate, and a music video came on 'Micky Moddelle - Over You' and my mate said "I want that top she's wearing" and i said "Go on that site that sells celebrity wear from music videos and stuff" and guess what, there isn't one!

Think about it, Hollywood Wear is a great opportunity ! I hope this interests you entrepreneurs out there.


Harward said...

Great Idea.

You left a comment on my blog about my art. I'm interested, what are you thinking. I have a lot of art, and a lot of ideas. I wouldn't mind selling. Thanks for your interest.

Anonymous said...

hey who are you? lol
I like your blog too
do fish sleep and talk to my mom?!