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Here's how you can easily start a scrap metal business from scrap metal pickup. You do not need a Truck to get started. Well, you don't even need a Pick Up - it helps if you do have a Pickup, but you do Not Need one to get started. Here's why....
One fellow started his scrap metal pickup business with his Sedan. If the load was too big to transport in his Sedan he'd either hook up a trailer to his sedan, Hire a Pickup or small Truck to drive to transport it, or even hire a larger transport with driver if it warranted it. He started by recycling old computer -on computer monitor recycling and computer equipment recycling and eventually opened his own computer recycling center. With the point being, do not let your lack of pickup be a hindrance to getting started in scrap metal business.
And with regards to this, you need to know the current scrap metal prices at the various yards. How much are scrap metal worth ? You can find out from the respective scrap metal merchants and ask them for their current scrap metal prices. Generally, the prices go...
  1. Copper Wire and Copper Pipe Stripped (3x times as much as insulated wire)
  2. Brass
  3. Copper Wire Insulated
  4. Aluminum
  5. Stainless Steel
As you can see, stainless steel recycling is the least attractive. I actually like Brass over Copper Wire because of its Weight to Volume ratio. It weighs a lot while taking up a small space. (Visit a hardware store and pick up a Brass Faucet Set to understand this). You'll also need to carry a magnet around with you. With the exception of Steel, the others are Non Magnetic. Important to know before you think you've got a load of Brass when it's really Brass Coated Steel or Brass Colored Steel.
Also a good idea to carry around some Hay Bale Bags or Garden Waste Bags to put Loose Scrap Wire into. A small fertilizer bag might hold 20kg of wire while the larger bags could hold around 100kg. At $2 per kg for such wire, the small bag would be worth about $40 while the larger bag around $200. Often, you can get such bags for Free from the scrap metal merchants by telling them you have a Lot of scrap wire and need a bag to put it into.
Many bags of scrap wire can be filled during an Office Strip Out. In fact, if on average a single floor strip out can yield 1,500kg of wire per floor. At $2 per kg, that will be $3,000 worth of wire per floor. And for a 12-floor office, you would have pocketed $36,000 cash in recycle scrap wire while also charging for taking it away!
Another scrap metal business ideas is to take away the discarded Catalytic Converter scrap from your mechanics for recycling. A guy who did this opened them up and take out the Titanium and put it into four 44 gallon drums (all on one pallet) and sold the four drums to a company in Germany for $120,000 cash !!! Yes, go for the Catalytic converter scrap titanium ! So what are you waiting for ? Start a scrap metal business now.

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