Get Cash from Scrap Metal Hunting

In the scrap metal industry, even hot water systems have a recyle scrap metal value - copper ones. Ask your scrap yards for the current scrap metal prices. How much are these scrap metal worth ? If they pay say $50.00 , then you could run an ad...Hot Water Systems Wanted. Any age or condition. What a way to get cash from scrap metal hunting !

Pay $15 to $25 per system and you'll make $25 to $35 per system. Ten systems a day will make you $250 to $350 per day. If you find you can get $70 per system, then paying $15 to $25 per system nets you $45 to $55 - ten per day then makes you $450 to $550. These are typical scrap copper prices. Then again, avoid stainless steel recycling if possible as they fetch the lowest yield.

A quick and simple way in scrap metal hunting is to do deals with some Sparkies to cash-in their scrap wire for them. They call you to let you know they have few Bags ready. You visit, pay them in cash, then take the bags to the Scrap Yard to get paid yourself. In such cases, always make at Least what you paid them. That is, if you paid them $100 for the bag you want that bag to be at least worth $200 to you. While this is a 50/50 cut you'd not have those bags without them doing the stripping and bagging work for you. And you make some easy money just taking it to the scrap yard.

This is one of those businesses where you have to get the word out Directly. To mechanics to collect Copper Radiators, Plumbers who might replace water systems for the Brass and Copper they take out, sparkies for the wire, and so on. Many such contacts already know of the current scrap metal prices i.e. scrap Copper prices and scrap Brass prices, and would use you as a Convenience to doing it themselves. But it's worth sending them a flyer or even Business card letting them know you provide scrap metal removal services. Heck, you might even find a niche taking away old washing machines and the like. They have scrap metal which has a worth too. How about starting scrap metal business from ships or scrap planes ???

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