Simple Ebook Business Idea

Here's a 10 step process you can use to setup the secret ebook business online selling Private Label Rights (PLR) or resell right product or even your own product...

STEP 2 - Remove 5% from your product.Once you grab some quality free ebook resell rights, remove 5% out of it. Lets say you grabbed resell rights to a dog training ebook. Read it and remove just 5% content out of it. Keep this content aside on a safe place for step 3.
STEP 1 - Hunt google to research.
Visit google and type in your 'niche keyword' along with 'resell rights'.
For example: If you're planning to sell an intelligent investor ebook resell right product, search for "investor training resell rights" or "investor training resell right products" or something similar on google. After some research, you will clearly see how other websites operate their investor training business. You will get some quality resell right products on the way. You will also know their business strategy as to how they convince a customer on their site to get the sale. Note down the ideas that you get along with your research of quality resell right products.
STEP 3 - Create a Killer Follow-Up System.
Now create a killer follow-up system using the content that you removed in Step 2.
Yes convert the content into a quality... * Mini - the Secret eBook Course* Report. You have to give this quality product to your visitors for free. They will act as a bait to get them to signup in your list.
STEP 4 - Create a Lead Capturing Page.
Create a killer lead capturing minisite with killer graphics and attention grabbing benefit laden copy. Put this lead capturing minisite on your main domain, which is index.html on your root directory, that's probably your public_html folder. The url of your lead capturing minisite will be Convince your visitors on the benefits of your free bait that you've created in Step 3 and get them to fill up a form on your website with their name and email address to get the free stuff. Once they do this, send them your free gift instantly by using a quality autoresponder service.

STEP 5 - Create a Killer Salesletter.Read the salesletter provided by the free ebook resell rights. Remove the benefits from the resell right product salesletter and now write your own salesletter in your own words. Design a simple minisite and create eye-catching graphics for your product and get your salesletter ready to pull in orders. Put your salesletter on a page such as dog-training.html on your domain name. Make sure you use your niche keyword to name the page of the domain name. As per our example your domain name page will look like

STEP 6 - Get traffic to your domain.
Now get traffic to your lead capturing page. Put all your efforts to promote your lead capturing page.

STEP 7 - Follow-Up Automatically.Once your visitor signs up to your lead capturing page, divert them to your salesletter. Your autoresponder will do this automatically; it will follow up your subscribers with your PLR ebook course on autopilot.

STEP 8 - Blast weekly newsletter.
Create a weekly newsletter with quality content and blast it to your list to build your relationship with your subscribers. Make sure you do this on consistent basis.

STEP 9 - Terrific Customer Support.Make sure you provide your customers excellent support. If you do this, you will be able to cash in on Step 10 where real goldmine exists.
STEP 10 - Backend.
Now get some more quality free ebook resell rights
products and sell them to your existing customers using Step 1 to 9 above. Just setup the system once and let your autoresponder do the selling for you on autopilot. It is really easy to sell existing satisfied customers than first time visitors.

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