Creating Niche YouTube Clones for Profit

Another simple home business idea is that I have seen several aspiring entrepreneurs create YouTube clones and scrape YouTube videos to be placed on their sites. Some of these sites were then subsequently listed in auctions within webmaster forums.

Surprisingly, these YouTube clones do derive a fairly decent amount of search traffic with some revenue coming from display of contextual ads.

Copyright issues may cause these YouTube clones to be shut down and displaying Adsense on them may be more of a risk then a profitable move. Instead of creating a clone, it might be better to create a niche video site that targets a specific audience.

For example, a social video sharing website specifically on the topic of Yoga. One could liaise with Yoga equipment manufacturers, schools and blogs and work out exclusive ad, video and traffic-sharing partnerships.

This will work as a competitive advantage because major video websites have content that are conceptually dispersed, with no exclusivity or emphasis on a niche topic, nor any strong sense of community.

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