Google Map Business Idea

I think this is so cool (I realize that some people may not) !!! Sometime between last night and this morning Google maps ( put up the street view for my area. How crazy is it?!!! I love it!!! The picture doesn't go all the way down my cul-de-sac, but that's my house right in front of you. I checked out my old house and our next door neighbors kids are outside riding their bikes and another neighbor is sitting of their front porch. It looks like every day more areas across the U.S. are being done. You should check out your address! If you are not familiar with it:
  • go to and scroll to U.S.A continent.
  • be sure to click the street view button in the top right area of the map
    zoom into your city and any street that is outlined in blue is one that you can view in the street view format.
  • an orange person will be present and you can drag and drop that person where ever you want to be (use the X below the person to make sure you drop down on the right street).
  • then a window will pop up with the view of the street. You can look all around (complete 360 degrees)
  • enjoy!!!
You can expand these ideas further with geological representation of information valuable to the business I mention in my Gold Rush post, detailing locations of gold mine for possible harvesting and earning from it.

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