Loyalty Miles from Beer Club

I am frequently amused and frustrated by the lack of service I am treated in the numerous beer pubs and bars. I wonder whether the landlords of these bars aren’t missing a trick. With a limited number of lounge venues to choose from, each establishment should be doing its very utmost to win my attention.

And so I propose a new model. They should reach out and reward us for our patronage. I can see a time where being a member at these beer pubs, I can select my first round of drinks over the net at 4:55 and be assured that I will get priority check-in on arrival. I can use the dedicated lounge and enjoy complimentary peanuts and olives. Regular e-mail contact will also let me know how many beer miles I have earned in the week and what I can exchange them for - perhaps a nice bottle of wine or maybe a holiday for two in Tuscany, provided I’ve been drinking like a fish in that particular bar.

To take the idea further, if I’m in another part of country, my membership card can be used at a number of partner pubs and still earn miles. The types of drinks I choose to buy will give me “cabin bonuses”, I can select and reserve window (or aisle) seats, and from time to time I will be offered free upgrades to the Gold lounge with it’s TV, free bar snacks, and comfy chairs. I now feel happy to spend my money at my favourite bar and I feel like I’ve been recognised. I’ll never fly with another pub again.

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