Ebay Thank You Card Template

I come across one of the most innovative idea - if you are an ebay seller or involve in some kind of ebay business.......Why not include a personal "Ebay Thank You Card" everytime you mailed out items to your winning bidder. Combine this with a Ebay thank you letter template and they will greatly help to promote you as a legitimate and serious ebay seller. I have included a screenshot of this simple idea. Everyone can easily get their personal card from any print-shop. What a great way for ebay business entrepreneur !

If you are sincere in hopes of joining this game, then perhaps the best example of such a site that teaches all these Ebay technique has to be Ebay MarketPlace World Check it out today :)


toby said...

Great ideas

ROBERT said...

Good Day,
I,ve search for those who read RICHDAD books, I saw that you already did and I Thank you for that.
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Thank you.

anmol said...

thanks for writing by....

yeah i sketch all by myself and all this art work is done by me using graphite pencils, i have received "kala vibhushan" award for the same.

you have quite great ideas here