Selling Green the Next Business Wave

Going green is good for business. Even if you’re tired of hearing about global warming, carbon footprints and organic food, this isn’t just about saving the planet (which, of course, is important). It is also about making money. Ultimately, you can improve the environment and your bottom line at the same time.
Sell a “green” product or service.
The market for environmentally sensitive products and services is exploding. If you’re thinking of starting a new business or need to revamp your existing company, consider focusing on serving the eco-conscious market directly.

In many communities, contractors specializing in solar-panel installation are expanding while others are suffering from the housing slowdown. In virtually every field, there are consumers and businesses seeking eco-friendly alternatives, and you could be the source. How about wind-powered energy generators ?

These are far more ethical ideas than engaging into Bio-fuel businesses. You can find out more on my earlier post on
Greed for Bio-fuel to understand why.

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