Paparazzi For Hire

Dreaming about having your own moment on the red carpet ? You will soon be able to pay for a celebrity-like paparazzi encounter - complete with flashing cameras, publicists, bodyguards and coverage in tabloid magazines. allows you to hire your own temporary entourage, including photographers, publicists and bodyguards. Talk about Hollywood business ideas and you'll see many more opportunities out there. One of the related interesting ideas is my earlier blog post about cashing in on Celebrity Wear

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Heather said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I see you have an eBay blog also--I was a Powerseller for about 3 years. I miss's an addiction!


CashQuest said...

Great Heather. Wow ! An Ebay PowerSeller for 3 years ! What are you selling that is so successful ?
Care to share ?