Make Money with Operating Manual

This is an easy home business idea. The biggest pain is when you need a product manual and can never find one when it's been misplaced only to be further disappointed by the company you gave your money to by purchasing a product that they no longer supply a manual. It would be nice to go to a centralized location that has information and the manual on every product ever made.

This would be a global website that has the repair manuals, consumer guide service manuals
, technical details and specifications, all in one website for every product in the world. Example of such may include full-series of factory shop manuals for each vehicle. And I think this would be a great idea for video game instructions too - considering half the ones you rent are missing theirs.

The website could be divided into two parts: (1) freebie area where end users can upload manuals not listed and share them and then (2) a pay section for the official manuals involving sensitive information which you can sign up for a 3-year subscription fee. This could be a powerful way to get lots of attention from frustrated product owner.
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