Virtual Laptop for Every Child

Instead of one laptop per child, why not many virtual desktops per public computer? The best solution perhaps isn’t to put hardware into the hands of every person, but rather to maximize the number of people who have access to a PC.
Whether in an Internet café, village kiosk or schools, a PC equipped with these virtual software gives each person who logs in a customized environment—complete with programs, preferences, bookmarks, buddy lists, and so forth. That way, even though many people may use the machine each day, it feels “personal” to each one. In addition, it could be a service that lets subscribers securely store an unlimited number of documents, photos, videos, and other data—as well as gives them the ability to share those files easily with other users.
This is really possible now with the unlimited amount of online storage space offered by the internet. Think about it....a whole new market here !

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Mike Riley said...

I wrote about "One Laptop Per Child" a while back on my TechForest blog [] I can see the value of your counter-proposal, but I'm just concerned that access to school-based machines would only be during school hours, while machines in other locations may be too far away from their potential usewrs. It would be nice to assume that the most-accessible locations will have the computers. But it may not be the case...