Appliance Testing Rental Business

I've been seeing the commercials lately for vacuum cleaners. They look pretty nice, but I have no way to judge whether what they are saying is true or not. Now this basically applies to vacuum cleaners but I think it would work for most small appliances e.g. blenders, air purifiers, etc.

The main selling points for most products is performance. It it doesn't work right, it's a waste of money. I believe there should be either a business or a branch of each manufacturing company that provides what is basically a rental service with an eye towards you buying their product. If I want to try out Vacuum X, I would call and they would send me the vacuum cleaner. I can use it in my home, spill things and clean them at my leisure, basically test out all the features of the machine in my home, under my home's conditions (my dog's fur, my kids' messes, my messy hobbies).

The company would have arrange for me to buy the item in "2 easy payments" - first payment for the rental period and the second payment to keep it.If I have enjoyed the experience with my vacuum cleaner I will keep it, if I haven't I just send it back or ask for a different vacuum and so on until I find a machine that meets my needs.

This would probably work best for smaller appliances, but I guess it might work with bigger ones. I just don't see many commercials about refridgerators or washer/dryers and how great they are. Not to mention what a hassle it would be to install these for the trial period.

Do you have any questions or comments about this strategy? Share them with us....

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