How to turn Pennys into Dollar

It seems that a lot of people have change stored up in their house just waiting to exchange it at the bank. But who really has the time to lift those heavy bottles of coins? But once you do lift that lump of change out of your house, you have to take it out just to exchange it at the bank again! Why not just save time and energy and pay someone do it ?

Make an appointment and give an estimate of how much change you have, and the guys will be at your door in less than a week. Once the coins have been counted by a machine tested for great accuracy, you'll get it exchanged for cash in no time. Who can beat the price of a flat rate of $20.00 + 5% of the total amount of change ?

Small businesses/Arcades/Grocery- The second part of this business will be to resell these quarters to small businesses/arcades/groceries or any other business that needs coins. Is there any website that someone can direct me into to find out how much (if people are already doing this) banks are charging to sell coins?

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