How to Double Your Rental Deposit

When I rent a house I have to leave a $1000 deposit sitting in the letting agent's bank account, in case I skip the rent or throw the television out of the window.

I'd like my resting money to be put to better use. So, how about during a 12 month rental period, the tenant's deposit is held in a 12 month guaranteed saving bond. At the end of the twelve months the interest from the saving bond could be put towards the Ethical Letting Agent's big project for the year - maybe a clinic in Africa or a homeless programme closer to home.It would be good business in a world where many people chose ethical products over their competitors.

Chances are that you have handed over a lot of money in order to move into your apartment. This is your money. Your landlord must pay you interest every year (in San Francisco) and return your deposit to you when you move out. If you are interested, here's the link to Small Claims Court Tribunal.

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