Start Your Own Bio-Chemical Lab

I remember chemistry lessons fondly - especially when we hadn't got any deadlines and just started playing. Now I'm an adult, I have no access to just do experiments for fun. I want to be able to head to some store, and rent desk space in a lab for an hour (much like an Internet cafe). Dangerous chemicals and experiments could only be done out of hours, and the fee would include third-party insurance (plus insurance for yourself as an extra).

The lab could also work on commission from the substances used... they order in bulk, supply you the space, but you must buy your chemicals from that lab. Ditto for expensive equipment; the basic use of beakers, burets, vials, balances would be free, but you might be charged per use of a spectrophotometer.

This would also be a god-send for those attempting to use their own garage or shack to make meth. No more mixing in the bathtub while the wife and kiddies bang on the door! A rentable meth lab will put the market back in the hands of the small business man.

Or not just a chemistry lab -- I've long had a dream of a sort of engineers' commune, with chemistry lab, electronics lab, machine shop, and all that nifty stuff that doesn't readily fit in the average garage (never mind apartment), and that an individual tinker doesn't really need to own, just to have occasional access to.

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