Do you have a community

A community is a group of people who share the same interest. The question is not, “Can you build a community?” Communities exist or they do not. The correct question is, “Do you have a community and how can you harness it?” It is not always clear from a business context if every product or service has a community.

Think about toothpaste. Not a lot of people care about their toothpaste. However, you can think about community from a different perspective such as a dentist or a mother. Tooth care professionals such as dentist have an interest in researching what toothpaste is the best for their patients. Mother's who are concerned with their children’s teeth are very interested in finding and discussing which toothpaste is the best.

How can you harness these two groups who have a common interest and create a community around the product? The community always existed it is just creating a forum to bring them together

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