The Amazing "Black Box" Theory

A black box is something like a software product (but it could be a service) that people desperately need in their business, that they pay every month to use. For instance, an online shopping cart is a black box. A hosting service is a black box. A website audio service is a black box. An online back up service is a black box.


1. It's a service the every business needs (all businesses need to follow up and stay in touch with their customers and prospects).

2. It's a service that is used almost every day by people who own a license to use the system.

3. It's a service in which I receive money every time a person uses the system.

4. It's a service that grows every day because there are people introducing the system to new people everyday (and I make money for each new person that joins my organization).

5. It's a service that I don't have to do any day-to-day customer service on and I don't have to do any upgrades or billing or anything like that.

Think about this when starting your own business..............................

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