Home Plastic Recycling Made Easy

Another simple home business idea on recycling plastic into crude oil is a sure way to reduce plastic's impact on the environment. A Japanese company, Blest, has invented a machine which can convert several types of plastic back into oil. Costing around $12,000, it has been deployed in over 60 places at farms, fisheries and small factories.

There are other similar machines available in the market but none are as efficient - it is able to convert 1 kilogram of plastics to produce an astonishing 1 litre of oil in about an hour ! The end result is Crude Oil that can fuel things like generators and stove. When refined further, the crude oil can even be pumped into cars, boats, or motorbike.  

Now that's what a sure way to start a business and save the environment as well, don't you think. Want more eco- friendly ideas ? Try More Eco Business Ideas.   

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