More Scrap Metal Business Ideas

Here's more on starting a scrap metal business ideas.The scrap metal industry is a lucrative trade as you'll get paid to take it away as well as paid for the metal it has. You can run this newspaper ad to collect more scrap metal : "Old Washing Machines & Dryers Taken Away. For recycling scrap services at only $10 Fee. Call 555-5555 ".
Old washing machines is usually Steel Outer and Inner so might not be worth the High Prices of Copper scrap, but the scrap yard still might pay you for them - call and ask them the current scrap metal prices. Even if they won't pay for them they will Take Them Off Your Hands, so you could still make money charging others for scrap metal removal.

Tungsten carbide scrap has a wide range of useful properties. One of the most important properties of tungsten carbide scrap is its extreme hardness, having a hardness close to that of diamond, but being cheaper and a more heat resistant alternative to diamond. For these reasons, tungsten carbide scrap that is recycled is used in the manufacture of abrasives, cutting tools and bearings. In addition, tungsten carbide scrap is used in the manufacture of scratch-resistant jewelry such as wedding rings and watchbands.

Very soon, you'll find some metal scrap come into your hands in greater volume than others. In this regard it's a good idea to have some Storage Containers at home. A Container for each scrap metal is ideal...So as you come across the odd Brass Faucet it goes in the Brass Container. Same for Stainless Steel Door Handles and Door Furniture going in the Stainless Steel Container. That enables you to have small Stock Piles of certain items to be cash-in when they reach 20kg worth. Other than the above, just get into and learn the rest as you go. You'll discover there is more recycle metal scrap available than you at first realized.

If you just cannot get enough of these ideas, my earlier post on Cash from Scrap Metal should inspire you further. Happy scrap metal hunting !

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