Apartments as seen on TV

I recommend that real estate agents should compare homes for sale to well-known pop culture homes so that buyers reading the ads have a feel for the place before going to see it. Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of Dynasty, Dallas, and Falcon Crest.....or a Eldon Tyrell's apartment from "Blade Runner" or Anderton's apartment in "Minority Report" ?

Even better idea to rent apartments styled after television shows - shopping for apartments and all the styles that different offerings include are named like "The Ambassador", or "The Wilson". I want to get an apartment that looks like Jerry Seinfelds! Why don't apartment builders style their offerings after diggs on famous shows. Apartment styles could be called, "The Seinfeld", or "The Fraiser"..Or "The Ally Mcbeal" etc.... You get the picture.

This is quite similar to my earlier post idea on the Hollywood Celebrity Business.

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