Total Identity Car Rental

It seems a person's personal identity is linked to the type of car they drive. Have you ever gone to rent a car and been tempted to screw the "sensible" one and go crazy with that convertible or sweet sportscar? There's a reason behind that. I say, let's fulfill those fantasies.

So, I say start a car-rental agency that not only lets you rent out a car, but lets you rent out a matching identity to go with it! Thinking about renting that hot Mustang convertible? You get a collection of cool hip-hop music CDs, personalised vanity plates, a map of all the top cruising spots in the area, and a pair of wrap-around Gucci sunglasses.

What about that huge Ford truck? You get a free mud-splattering on your car, a list of all the local bars, a collection of country music, a big ol' cowboy hat and a mangy-looking dog to chain to the back.

Wanna live in luxury? Rent that new Jaguar. Comes with an automatic entry into the "A-lists" of the top restaurants, and day's pass into all local country clubs. Okay, I think you get the picture. Use your creative juices ! More ideas on Hollywood Celebrity Post.


Car Rental Barbados said...

Renting a car in Barbodas is now becoming very popular these days…why own a car with all the hassle when you can rent a car and see the world!I want to hire a car in Barbodas with safer services. Cars should be all in good condition and the drivers should be all experienced so well. Please send me some related informations.

CashQuest said...

Thanks for the comment. Well, I believe it would be a great savings on hiring a car as opposed to owning one. And car rental setup might be a good business proposition altogether. Great stuff !