Start Your Own Hotel Chain

Start a business by recycling those used containers laying around. Refurbishing them and converting them to hotel rooms for suitable accommodation may be the answer.

Getting the used containers should be easy by doing a search in Ebay. A couple of them sells for $1500 each and with some contracted help, you could soon be starting your very own hotel chain. Back that up with some solar panels on the top for power generation and you can literally start your own hotel chain business concept !

Christian Community Credit Card

I mentioned in one of my earlier blog on having a linked Christian Church Business Credit Card , interestingly, I discover a similar organization that issue credit card to Christian missionaries. It's a card that give to missions and serving in a god-honoring way. They offer VISA and Masters Card as well as prepaid, gift card too. Here's more to Christian Community Credit Union.

Simple Business Ideas on Movie Posters

This is an interesting website I come across that allows you to customise your own baby photos. What they do is that they will put your baby photo on a Movie Poster . They are banging on new parents to create movie poster birth announcements. You can include almost anything on your baby's announcement.

It's simply a refreshing, simple business idea and great way to surprise someone. But not too sure how they got around the movie posters copyright issue. Here's their web address if you want to check them out 5Star Baby Posters Have Fun !

Simple Business Idea

I find this really interesting business idea. Whether you are moving across our great land or across the street, Moving Box Rentals offers to solve your moving box needs economically and ecologically. They offer three savings plans to fit any budget, rent, buy, or sell carton boxes. Start collecting those carton boxes now !

Starting an Insect Farm Business

Ok, this is not for the faint-hearted. Setup a insect farm business that raises and sells beneficial insect predators like ladybugs and praying mantises. Imagine if every couple months the pest control man came out and instead of spraying the outside of the house with toxic chemicals instead spread ladybugs? I think people would pay for that. Imagine Aphids, worms ; caterpillars, spider mites, thrips, greenhouse whiteflies, flies, mealy bugs, sweet potato whiteflies, mosquitoes, fire ants, grasshoppers, broadmites, and many more. Free from nature.......! A unique business idea on insect farm.

More Scrap Metal Business Ideas

Here's more on starting a scrap metal business ideas.The scrap metal industry is a lucrative trade as you'll get paid to take it away as well as paid for the metal it has. You can run this newspaper ad to collect more scrap metal : "Old Washing Machines & Dryers Taken Away. For recycling scrap services at only $10 Fee. Call 555-5555 ".
Old washing machines is usually Steel Outer and Inner so might not be worth the High Prices of Copper scrap, but the scrap yard still might pay you for them - call and ask them the current scrap metal prices. Even if they won't pay for them they will Take Them Off Your Hands, so you could still make money charging others for scrap metal removal.

Tungsten carbide scrap has a wide range of useful properties. One of the most important properties of tungsten carbide scrap is its extreme hardness, having a hardness close to that of diamond, but being cheaper and a more heat resistant alternative to diamond. For these reasons, tungsten carbide scrap that is recycled is used in the manufacture of abrasives, cutting tools and bearings. In addition, tungsten carbide scrap is used in the manufacture of scratch-resistant jewelry such as wedding rings and watchbands.

Very soon, you'll find some metal scrap come into your hands in greater volume than others. In this regard it's a good idea to have some Storage Containers at home. A Container for each scrap metal is ideal...So as you come across the odd Brass Faucet it goes in the Brass Container. Same for Stainless Steel Door Handles and Door Furniture going in the Stainless Steel Container. That enables you to have small Stock Piles of certain items to be cash-in when they reach 20kg worth. Other than the above, just get into and learn the rest as you go. You'll discover there is more recycle metal scrap available than you at first realized.

If you just cannot get enough of these ideas, my earlier post on Cash from Scrap Metal should inspire you further. Happy scrap metal hunting !

Home Plastic Recycling Made Easy

Another simple home business idea on recycling plastic into crude oil is a sure way to reduce plastic's impact on the environment. A Japanese company, Blest, has invented a machine which can convert several types of plastic back into oil. Costing around $12,000, it has been deployed in over 60 places at farms, fisheries and small factories.

There are other similar machines available in the market but none are as efficient - it is able to convert 1 kilogram of plastics to produce an astonishing 1 litre of oil in about an hour ! The end result is Crude Oil that can fuel things like generators and stove. When refined further, the crude oil can even be pumped into cars, boats, or motorbike.  

Now that's what a sure way to start a business and save the environment as well, don't you think. Want more eco- friendly ideas ? Try More Eco Business Ideas.   

Ebay Thank You Card Template

I come across one of the most innovative idea - if you are an ebay seller or involve in some kind of ebay business.......Why not include a personal "Ebay Thank You Card" everytime you mailed out items to your winning bidder. Combine this with a Ebay thank you letter template and they will greatly help to promote you as a legitimate and serious ebay seller. I have included a screenshot of this simple idea. Everyone can easily get their personal card from any print-shop. What a great way for ebay business entrepreneur !

If you are sincere in hopes of joining this game, then perhaps the best example of such a site that teaches all these Ebay technique has to be Ebay MarketPlace World Check it out today :)

Business Ideas on Solar Energy Industry

In some parts of the states, they have started a program that allows residential homes to receive up to a $5,000 check per year simply for having a solar system on your home (that generates a certain amount of power). You could offer free installation of solar panels on homes in exchange for these yearly checks. A lot of people would jump at the chance for “absolutely free” solar panels.

Outfitting a home with a solar panel system generally costs $15,000 – $20,000. For commerical buildings, the city writes checks of up to $100,000 per year. Looking out at my aparment complex, putting solar panels on each roof would be discreet and bring in 100 grand per year, plus save the complex tons of money. This was an idea I was pretty involved with for a while. The solar industry is becoming huge in the United States, take advantage of it !

Niche Celebrity Wearable

Earlier in one of my blog entry, I mentioned about the business idea on making money with celebrity wear. I recently stumbled upon another business idea that uses similar concept in providing wedding dresses apparently a replica of the real thing worn by a celebrity. Here's the example again,