Christian Community Credit Card

I mentioned in one of my earlier blog on having a linked Christian Church Business Credit Card , interestingly, I discover a similar organization that issue credit card to Christian missionaries. It's a card that give to missions and serving in a god-honoring way. They offer VISA and Masters Card as well as prepaid, gift card too. Here's more to Christian Community Credit Union.

The Gold Forecaster

 Why the 'Bull' Market is Far from Over

Some talk of the end of the credit crunch. Some say that the gold bull market has suffered severe damage, which will affect its long-term prospects. If we were to accept these statements then it would appear that the gold 'bull' market is over. But are these statements acceptable and do they reflect the true picture underlying the gold [and silver] markets?

To get the proper perspective let's stand back
and look at the 'BIG' picture. 

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Christian Church Business Cash Credit Cards

Perhaps someone could come up a Christian Church issued business credit cards with automatic 10% for religious tithing. This will greatly reduce the entire collection process. This might be a good marketing niche idea for banks looking to target specific interest group. The potential is unlimited if you can further expand it to Muslim business credit card, Buddhism business credit cards, etc.

Get Your Own Gold-Mine Royalties

Well, I just come across an interesting business that has been going on for years and not very well known....Royal Gold is a precious-metals company that doesn't mine, buy, or sell gold or silver. Instead, it buys rights to the royalties paid out by precious metal mines in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Nicaragua, and West Africa. Mine companies benefit by getting to raise capital without selling equity, while Royal Gold avoids capital and operating costs and legal or environmental liabilities.

Starting an Insect Farm Business

Ok, this is not for the faint-hearted. Setup a insect farm business that raises and sells beneficial insect predators like ladybugs and praying mantises. Imagine if every couple months the pest control man came out and instead of spraying the outside of the house with toxic chemicals instead spread ladybugs? I think people would pay for that. Imagine Aphids, worms ; caterpillars, spider mites, thrips, greenhouse whiteflies, flies, mealy bugs, sweet potato whiteflies, mosquitoes, fire ants, grasshoppers, broadmites, and many more. Free from nature.......! A unique business idea on insect farm.

Home Plastic Recycling Made Easy

Another simple home business idea on recycling plastic into crude oil is a sure way to reduce plastic's impact on the environment. A Japanese company, Blest, has invented a machine which can convert several types of plastic back into oil. Costing around $12,000, it has been deployed in over 60 places at farms, fisheries and small factories.

There are other similar machines available in the market but none are as efficient - it is able to convert 1 kilogram of plastics to produce an astonishing 1 litre of oil in about an hour ! The end result is Crude Oil that can fuel things like generators and stove. When refined further, the crude oil can even be pumped into cars, boats, or motorbike.  

Now that's what a sure way to start a business and save the environment as well, don't you think. Want more eco- friendly ideas ? Try More Eco Business Ideas.   

Business Ideas on Solar Energy Industry

In some parts of the states, they have started a program that allows residential homes to receive up to a $5,000 check per year simply for having a solar system on your home (that generates a certain amount of power). You could offer free installation of solar panels on homes in exchange for these yearly checks. A lot of people would jump at the chance for “absolutely free” solar panels.

Outfitting a home with a solar panel system generally costs $15,000 – $20,000. For commerical buildings, the city writes checks of up to $100,000 per year. Looking out at my aparment complex, putting solar panels on each roof would be discreet and bring in 100 grand per year, plus save the complex tons of money. This was an idea I was pretty involved with for a while. The solar industry is becoming huge in the United States, take advantage of it !

Selling Green the Next Business Wave

Going green is good for business. Even if you’re tired of hearing about global warming, carbon footprints and organic food, this isn’t just about saving the planet (which, of course, is important). It is also about making money. Ultimately, you can improve the environment and your bottom line at the same time.
Sell a “green” product or service.
The market for environmentally sensitive products and services is exploding. If you’re thinking of starting a new business or need to revamp your existing company, consider focusing on serving the eco-conscious market directly.

In many communities, contractors specializing in solar-panel installation are expanding while others are suffering from the housing slowdown. In virtually every field, there are consumers and businesses seeking eco-friendly alternatives, and you could be the source. How about wind-powered energy generators ?

These are far more ethical ideas than engaging into Bio-fuel businesses. You can find out more on my earlier post on
Greed for Bio-fuel to understand why.

Niche Celebrity Wearable

Earlier in one of my blog entry, I mentioned about the business idea on making money with celebrity wear. I recently stumbled upon another business idea that uses similar concept in providing wedding dresses apparently a replica of the real thing worn by a celebrity. Here's the example again,

The Amazing "Black Box" Theory

A black box is something like a software product (but it could be a service) that people desperately need in their business, that they pay every month to use. For instance, an online shopping cart is a black box. A hosting service is a black box. A website audio service is a black box. An online back up service is a black box.


1. It's a service the every business needs (all businesses need to follow up and stay in touch with their customers and prospects).

2. It's a service that is used almost every day by people who own a license to use the system.

3. It's a service in which I receive money every time a person uses the system.

4. It's a service that grows every day because there are people introducing the system to new people everyday (and I make money for each new person that joins my organization).

5. It's a service that I don't have to do any day-to-day customer service on and I don't have to do any upgrades or billing or anything like that.

Think about this when starting your own business..............................